1      Negativity 101 is series of meetings designed to give you the

         know-how to get rid of negativity.

2      It begins on Tuesday September 30th.

3      It will be held every Tuesday and Thursday between
        September 30th and October 30th.

4      The event involves 10 sessions of 90 minutes each over 31 days.

5      Sessions will be held at 10am, 4 and 7pm. You are free to
        choose the session that’s best for you.

6      Each session will build on the previous session, so you should plan

         to attend all 10.

7      You will need to register either online, by phone, or in person.

         Registration is free.

9      Child care will be available for all except the afternoon sessions.

10    Sessions will be down-to-earth and practical, and will be

         presented in a comfortable, non-threatening setting.

11    The material presented will be Bible-based, but everyone is

         welcome regardless of their beliefs.

12    There is no catch; no strings attached. SiLC is putting on this event

          to help people.

13     If you need more information feel free to contact us by phone at

         832.437.9907 or by email at help@negativity101.com.